How to choose the best laptop?

by Kathy McCloud

Following the covid-19 pandemic, schools have had to invest in IT systems to accommodate online learning. This has led to changes in the back to school requirements for kids from different parts of the world. This means that instead of merely getting books and uniforms, parents now have to get computers for their school going kids. For this reason, HONOR is offering a huge discount FR on the MagicBook laptop. In this post, we look at the laptop features that parents should consider when choosing the best laptop for their kids. 

Factors to consider when buying a laptop 

Below are some significant factors you need to consider when purchasing a laptop online or offline;

1. Screen

One of the main factors you need to consider is the type and size of the laptop screen. The laptop screen size influences both your user experience and the portability of the machine. For a school laptop, you probably want to go for a medium or small screen laptop because it is easier to carry around. However, if you are looking for an office or home laptop that you do not have to carry too often, then the best choice would be a medium to a large screen. Additionally, if you work as an engineer, designer, or architect, you may want to get a large screen to use the necessary software for your professional duties. The type of screen is also an important feature to consider. For instance, HD screens are trendy because they have anti-glare elements. 

2. Type of operating system

You also want to consider the type of operating system that the laptop uses. The most common types of OS in the market are Microsoft, Linux, Mac, and Novell Netware, among others. When choosing the best OS for your laptop, consider the type of applications that you wish to use on the machine. 

3. Amount of storage

Another essential element to consider is the amount of storage that the computer provides. The amount of space you need is determined by your space demands and the application you need to use the machine. For instance, if you are a fan of movies and music, you may need a computer with a lot of storage space. On the other hand, if you only intend to store documents and non-space consuming files, you do not need to pay extra cash for a large storage space machine. Note that you need to consider the size of the RAM. The RAM is a computer data storage element that only deals with machine code and data used by a machine at a specific time. 


Another essential factor to consider when buying a laptop, whether for school or professional purposes, is the price. Its specifications determine the price of the computer. For instance, a computer with large storage space is costlier than one with a small one. Additionally, other elements like OS type and brand of the laptop also influence the price of the machine. 

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