Different Toys to Buy for Your Kids

by Kathy McCloud

Toys are your kid’s best buddies. These miniature playthings have a tremendous capacity to keep your little one occupied long enough so you can savor your coffee or prepare a meal. However, only the “right” toys attract these curious minds. And sometimes children can be seriously choosey about their figurine companions.

Millions of toys are on the market, from lego naruto sets to stuffed toys to cooking toys. However, not all children like all types of toys. Therefore, here is a list of the best children’s toys to help keep your little ones busy and build cognitive and social skills.

Plush Toys

Who doesn’t like plush toys? Even adults fancy them! These are cotton-filled toys with soft and velvety exteriors that have a calming effect on the player.

Plush toys are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. You will find them in almost any form, from Mickey Mouse to Grinch, to Captain America. Although all toddlers may not find Mickey Mouse interesting enough, they won’t be able to resist those cute lush yellow boots!

Plush toys enhance your child’s social skills because they imitate a living entity. Children love to “pretend play”, where they understand how to care for another person and talk and play with a friend or a sibling.

Moreover, they also teach the child how to hug and cuddle. Plush toys promote the message of care and love, which the world needs significantly.

Toy Blocks

Blocks are a great way to increase the learning capacity of your child. There are different kinds of blocks like building blocks, pattern matching blocks, Alphabet learning blocks, etc.

Different types of blocks develop diverse skills in your child. For instance, building blocks enhance problem-solving capacity as the child thinks which block will fit best on another block. Similarly, structure-creating blocks increase the children’s pattern matching and puzzle-solving aptitudes.

Building blocks also come in more detailed patterns, like places or buildings inspired by cartoons and movies. You can set up a challenge for your child to complete the assembling in the given time segment. It will develop the skill of completing scheduled tasks.

Computer Controlled Toys

You can also try computer-controlled toys if your kid doesn’t like the standard static toys. These toys use a connectivity chip that pairs with a computer or a mobile phone via Bluetooth.

Computer-controlled toys come in plush toys and toy blocks. The plush or stuffed toys produce sounds or flicker some lights, which keep the child engaged. In comparison, computer block toys assemble to make figures like cars, dinosaurs, helicopters, etc.; these toys combine the goodness and skill-enhancing capacity of both (blocks and plush) toys.

Many companies also offer charactered-themed computer-controlled toys. So if your kid loves some character, getting him its toy is a fair trade for behaving nicely!

The Bottom Line

Toys hold a special place in your child’s life. Therefore, you must buy the right one. Children younger than a year are more into bright-colored and soft sound-playing toys. However, avoid buying heavier or more complex toys to ensure the child’s safety. Comparatively, skill-building toys work best for 2- or 3-year-old toddlers.

In addition, there are computer-controlled toys as well. They are a great way to keep children occupied and enhance their learning capacity.

Toys are the only things that don’t require a high budget. However, you should pick a suitable toy for your child’s age. Toys also give the child a sense of ownership; they won’t look after their clothes the way they’d do for their toys!

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