How to Move Messages from Facebook to Your PC

by Kathy McCloud

Using Backuptrans, you can transfer messages from your Facebook account to your PC for easy management. For people who use messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger often, it is advisable to find tools such as backuptrans to assist with transferring Facebook messages from any mobile device to your PC. Backuptrans: Print Messenger Chats Easily can help you to move messages from Facebook to your PC.

Backuptrans is a Facebook chats manager that is highly recommended since it lets the user transfer and copy Facebook messages from a mobile device to your computer directly. No jailbreaking or rooting required. 

When using Backuptrans, you can:

  • Backup and transfer Facebook messages from a phone to a computer.
  • Download audios/photos/videos and other attachments present on Facebook messenger.
  • Extracting and saving messages from Facebook to your computer.
  • Exporting Facebook messages to a document file.
  • Viewing and searching Facebook messages on a computer easily.
  • Use any mobile device brand; it supports Samsung, iPhone, Motorola, HTC, LG, Huawei, and other mobile devices.
  • Print Facebook messages on the computer.

To use Backuptrans, you need to have the Windows operating system either 10/8/7/Vista.

The Features of Backuptrans include:

1.Backup Facebook Messenger Chats from a Mobile Device to PC

Using Backuptrans, you can transfer messages and attachments from your mobile device’s Facebook messenger to the PC. All the chats are extracted and saved as conversations. No rooting is required for the mobile device.

2.Backing up the Facebook Messenger Chat History

Backuptrans will back up the chat messages with a few clicks from your mobile device. Each of these chat messages will be saved on your PC. 

3.Downloading and Saving Facebook Messages on your PC

Download and save all the chat messages from your Facebook account into the Backuptrans local database. After you’re done, you can view and search through the chat history on your PC.

4.Print Out the Facebook Messages

Note, with Backuptrans; you can Print Messenger Chats Easily in threading mode. Reading through the printed messages offers the same feeling as on Facebook Messenger. You can also print your Facebook chat history or print the chats of a particular contact.

5.Extracting Videos, Photos, Audios, and other Attachments to the Computer

Backuptrans extracts the attached files efficiently on Facebook messenger. Click one button on Backuptrans, and the videos, pictures, and audio files will be extracted automatically to your computer. 

6.Exporting Messages on Facebook Messenger Into a Document File

The transfer speeds are high, and the supported document files include CSV, txt, HTML, doc, and pdf. You can choose a suitable document type depending on your needs. Also, you can export all your chat history or the chats of certain contacts.

Backuptrans supports all Android and iPhones with different networks. Secondly, this software is also user-friendly; hence it is suitable for advanced users and beginners. It is also safe and easy to install. If need be, you can also uninstall the software at any given moment. The lifetime updates are free. The customer support is also fast.

Final Thoughts

Have you been looking for software that can help to move messages from Facebook messenger to your laptop? Backuptrans can help in such an instance. Using this software, you can download and transfer chats and attachments from your mobile device to your PC.

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