Safety Tips When Purchasing FIFA Coins

by Kathy McCloud

FIFA is one of the most popular video games ever made. Millions of people purchase and play FIFA with their friends and family. Internet gaming with FUT is quite challenging and keeps gaining popularity. In this case, gamers compete against each other to win tournaments. When you have adequate fifa 21 coins ps4, it would be easy to purchase expensive players.

Considering the popularity of the game, there be unfair strategies. Some gamers will flex their financial muscle to purchase only the top players and win more games. Ideally, most gamers want to stay ethical and play the fair game as they compete with the opponents, but some start to look for shortcuts. When buying FIFA coins, you need to be aware of scams out there that can ruin your gaming experience. These are some of the techniques used by scammers.

Free FIFA Coins

Most scammers will promise you free FIFA coins to the tune of millions. According to such scammers, they generate the coins and transfer them to your account. Although you can get free FIFA coins, this is not the way it works. However, when you deal with such scammers, they will end up stealing coins from your account. Therefore, you should not share your account details unless you know sellers quite well or have a history of transactions. Ensure you deal with a vendor who is uses secured protocols and security systems to protect your privacy. Also, EA cannot ask for your account information.

Doubling FUT Cards

You can also get scammed through doubling or exchanging FUT cards. Well, this is a type of scam that is not quite common, but some gamers are still conned. Usually, you will be requested to exchange your FUT cards. Once the scammer gains your trust, you will sell your valuable cards cheaply, and they will cut the communication.

Selling FIFA Coins

The truth is that there are many platforms or websites that sell FIFA coins. Equally, there are websites that can scam you when buying FIFA coins. Some sellers pretend to provide convenient transfer methods, but they only need your backup codes and login information. Unfortunately, you do not get the coins you deserve. That explains why it is crucial and vital to deal with honest FIFA coins sellers. A good website must have an organized support system.

FIFA Account Hacking

A common way of hacking the account of a gamer is known as phishing. The hackers do this by designing a replica website but with a similar domain name. In fact, the styles and design look the same, but if you do not pay attention to the address bar, you will not discover it is a phishing website. Users end up providing their real emails and passwords, and the phishing website steals the information. They will use the information to hack your account and steal FIFA coins.

What to Do

If you have been scammed, you should reach out to EA and discuss it with them. Although there is not much they can do, they may come up with ways to prevent the same from happening in the future. Also, you can share details of scammers on social media channels to expose them.

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