4 Role-Playing Games You Should Have in Your Collection

by Kathy McCloud


The love for online- role-playing games is unanimous. Runescape is an excellent example of a beloved game we all cherish. Runescape was created by Jagex studios back in Jan 2001. The game has continuously grown, and it is now one of the largest massively played the multiplayer online role-playing game. It is even on the Guinness Book of Records pages with a whopping 2 million accounts created.

For most games, buying items require game coins. You can easily purchase Runescape’s currency or, in our case, Gold online from different sources, but you will have to be conscious not to fall in the hands of conmen. OSRS gold used in the game does not cost a fortune; you can get vast stacks of coins at low prices. If you want to experience a breathtaking adventure, run escape is the right game for you.

Monster Hunter: World

I f the name has not yet revealed the game to you, then a quick overview would be appropriate. The name speaks for itself; you play the role of a monster hunter fight great Jagras. Although the game’s main prize is the Diablos armor, you can still play it for the thrill. The way you take down these beasts is just fantastic. Built with jaw-dropping graphics, the action, and excitement in the game will leave you glued to the screen

Division 2

Don’t we all love game nights? If you love calling your friends over on Saturdays for a game night, Division 2 should be on your list. Division 2 in a multiplayer role-playing game where you and your friends can have countless hours of adventure and shooting. With Division, you have the chance to pick a character and build a legacy. You and your friends start at square one and build your base while gradually upgrading to a top division agent. The games induce euphoria and excitement among its players. Next time when you want to play a role-playing game with your friends, think about Division 2.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Some parents argue that video games have no content or meaning. Well, Dragon Age: Inquisition tells a whole different story. We are all aware of the norm; your personality and character are based on the people you walk with. When playing Dragon age, the issue of surrounding yourself with the people who you want to be like comes into life. If you want a lot of action, you better befriend the most fearsome and bloodthirsty players will turn you into a warrior fast. You can also opt for peace by following characters like The Iron Bull.

Role-playing games are a lot of fun when you play with friends. You can embark on a journey to the deepest parts of the world. It might not necessarily be real, but the thrill, action, and fun will force you to stay on your screen. There are other games you can explore; it all depends on the type of experience you are looking for.

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