Factors To Consider Before Buying TV Antenna

by Kathy McCloud

Selecting the right antenne TV for your entertainment requires considering several factors. With the number of antennas on the market, it becomes tough to make a choice. We have made it easier for you to buy the perfect antenna.

Most homes around the world make use of the antenna to receive both local and international television channels. The secret to a successful installation of the antenna is to know the things to consider before you buy an antenna.

Factors to Consider When Buying TV Antenna

Terrestrial or Satellite 

Before you buy your TV antenna, you have to decide whether you want a satellite (DBS) or terrestrial broadcast.

Satellite Antennas: The antenna needs the use of a dish antenna or a parabolic reflector, which should be aligned on the antenna for signals from satellites. The frequencies of satellite antennas range between 10.95 and 12.75GHz.

Terrestrial Antennas: The terrestrial antennas run on frequencies in the UHF section of the radio spectrum, while some operate in the VHF portion of the spectrum.

Note: A satellite antenna should not be used on a terrestrial antenna, and vice versa.

Indoor / outdoor

Before you buy your antenna, you have to consider where you want to position it. Do you want to position it inside or outside the house?

  • When you place a TV antenna inside, it does not function well because the walls can reduce the signal. The internal reflections can affect its transmission efficiency.
  • Interference levels, when placed inside, can be higher from your electrical equipment, fluorescent lights, and other items.
  • External antennas are perfect when it comes to picking up signals. However, they can be expensive to erect. You have to buy more cables to get it erected.
  • Those living in high signal areas can use the internal antennas, but if the signal is weak, they can use the external antenna.

Frequency coverage

The frequency coverage is essential when considering factors required for buying the right antenna. While most televisions broadcast on UHF, we have countries still using the VHF TV. That means you should get a VHF antenna before your television can operate.

Antenne TV Gain/directivity

A major parameter to consider when buying your Antenne TV is its gain, which is the increase of its sensitivity in a specific direction. The antenna picks more signals when the gain is higher. We measure the gain in decibels (dB), which is logarithms-based.

Antenna type 

  • Terrestrial TVs have many styles of antenna you can use on them, especially the Yagi-uda or Yagi.
  • The satellite televisions make use of parabolic reflectors.

TV amplifier

The TV amplifier is important in helping the antenna boost its signal. We have different types of booster amplifiers for TV antennas on the market. You should buy the right amplifier that can help your TV antenna receive the weakest signals.

Before you make your choice, you should read customers’ reviews on reputable sites like Amazon, Aliexpress, and others to help you make the right choice.

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