Should We Use LED Parking Lot Lights On Our Streets?

by Kathy McCloud

Understanding the benefits an LED parking lot light gives us, we should definitely use these lights for our own good. If we are willing to provide the best to others as well as ourselves, these lights are what we need. With the capability to save up to 65% of power, these lights are one of the most extraordinary energy-saving lights. Not only this, but these lights also give us a secure, lightened-up perimeter so that nothing against the law is capable in the area. If we want to enjoy the privilege of being protected as well as not go too high against our budget, we should at once opt for LED parking lot lights with photocell. Once installed, we can sense the benefits from day one, and our investment is steadily returned back to us. If some sort of issue appears in its performance, it can be easily replaced or repaired as a five-year warranty is given along with it. In case one does not find the lights suitable, then they can be returned back under a time period of ninety days.

What type of light distribution is seen in LED parking lot lights?

There are various options to opt for when buying a light, and there are lights that might seem to be much more economical, but the problem they shall pose is that they give us an uneven beam of light. Different scales or patterns can be seen all around the area. This gives a sensation of discomfort to the viewer. Another problem such lights pose is that they often blink and take up some time to start up. One thinks that if he is spending money on something, then it should be the best for him. This is why we should only select LED parking lot lights. They have various designs for the projection of light so that one may choose what he deems best.

What are the different beam projections offered by LED parking lot lights?

There are three different types of beam projection systems in LED parking lot lights, and each gives a separate beam of light. Not only this, these lights have a number of different sizes and designs so that they can be equipped with almost all kinds of other poles. The other options on the basis of light beam production are discussed below:

  • Type 3 LED parking lot lights: Lights that have such a mechanism produce a wide projection beam that spreads in all directions. This leads to a bright lit-up area. These lights are most commonly used in parking areas and on roads.
  • Type 4 LED parking lot lights: These lights produce a beam that is round, and although the light is bright enough, it is not spread all around the area. These lights are also used in the parking area and alongside highways.
  • Type 5 LED parking lot lights: Such lights, which are used for creating intricate patterns, are usually accompanied by these lights. These lights produce a square beam of light that illuminates the area beautifully.

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