A Guide on How to Activate Your IAP

by Kathy McCloud

Huawei has this amazing platform in their apps that offers stardom to talented developers worldwide. It’s a great experience to learn and grow their skills while also developing their craft to perfection. The company offers a delightful training ground that lets them experiment and try out different things to accomplish one common goal – to satisfy their users.

The company surely did a cool move to collaborate with new and expert developers to come up with apps for their own app platform. It’s something so intriguing and interesting due to the fact that most of their apps are unavailable elsewhere (like istore or playstore) and can only be accessed if you have a Huawei device and a valid Huawei ID.

Huawei does take time to secure and protect the apps by exclusively opening it up only for their users. It has that sense of ownership as well knowing that users can feel like a VIP for enjoying products and services that not everyone can really enjoy. This tech company has come a long way since then and the same goes with their developers.

When designing and launching an app, it takes a lot of planning, organizing, designing and a great lot of creativity. For Huawei to launch it with their users, it has to be something unique and interactive that can benefit them. No wonder why it takes time and a lot of hard work to make an app work. That’s why it’s best to reward these talented developers with tons of downloads and in-app purchases.

The number of downloads and in-app purchases of apps is the real milk and honey for the developers. They can measure how their newly launched app is doing by the number of users installing it and enjoying the IAPs. This is also where they get their rewards and revenue to pay off their fruits of labor. But before that, they must enable the Huawei IAP to enjoy their cream of the crop.

Enabling Huawei IAP

Once the developer has done with the app’s design and is ready to go live in Huawei AppGallery, the developer must enable the in-app purchases together with the app. In the Huawei Developer console, the developer will see a folder labeled as My Projects.

But first, you need to sign in via AppGallery Connect to access the projects where the apps are located. It’s easy and simple to enable the IAP. Once the developer picks the project, they just have to go to the Project Setting and Manage the IAPs. They can now start enabling all the In-app Purchases for their app.

Once it’s enabled, they can also monitor their revenue by accessing Earning from the navigation option and by checking its settings. This will provide real-time updates on how the app is doing by providing statistics on the following numbers per downloads and how often users purchase extras for the app.

For more detailed information on how to enable the IAP for your apps, just visit the official website of Huawei.

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