Why Every Company Is Now a Media Business

by Kathy McCloud

Today, the battle for media attention is brutal. Audiences are exposed to a tremendous amount of content and given an unprecedented number of ways to consume it. The shift from print publications and fixed-schedule television programming to online aggregators and on-demand content consumption has changed the game for every business. Your company must now master the art of storytelling — including creation and distribution.

Becoming a media organization isn’t the same as focusing on content marketing. In media companies, everyone is part of the content creation process. It’s a company-wide effort. Enterprise companies that focus on content marketing still often view content creation and distribution as a marketing priority only.

Why Storytelling Matters

The only way to build a strong brand is by winning your target audience’s attention. But your time-starved prospects only pay attention to things they care about. That means your corporate story must resonate with them. It also means you must cultivate the essential skill of storytelling.

Every organization is in the content creation and distribution business because stories are at the heart of content and experiences that attract, engage and convert. Consider this: Every company is now a software company because software has penetrated all aspects of our lives and reshaped our expectations. In the same way, every company is a media company because it’s the only way to be relevant in an attention-scarce world.

Success Hinges On The Power Duo Of Content And Distribution

It’s no longer enough to either produce great content or own a distribution channel. Companies must do both so they can respond quickly to changes in audience preferences. Build expertise in just one of these areas and you risk losing out to competitors with strong content creation DNA and a powerful distribution channel.

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